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This guide will show you how to make a website from zero to seeing it live. If you don’t have a website in 2019, you should make one as soon as possible and I will explain why in a moment.

You don’t need any previous experience because I will show you screenshot of each step, along with detailed explanation.

If you think that creating a website is difficult and expensive, think again.

You can get yours up and running in literally 30 minutes, for 70$ with absolutely no experience.

how to make website from scratch

Of course, you must know how to use your mouse, keyboard and simple browsing the web.

Let’s get started!

Why do you need a website at all?

If you have made up your mind and you want to make a website, you can skip this section. If you need a little bit of convincing, read this short piece of text that follows and you will see why you need a website.

We all need money, don’t we? The easiest place to make money in 2019 is on the web, meaning you need to make a website.

With a little bit of work and learning you can start making good side income online, and later you can quit your job and work full time at home.

There’s no way to get rich quick and with no effort, don’t even think about that. Getting a decent paycheck takes some time, but in 6 months you will regret that you didn’t start earlier.

It all starts with a website. Create posts that people want to read, market some products and, as a result, make money.

It’s not rocket science, but it isn’t easy also. Take a look at my affiliate marketing guide to find out what I’m talking about.

Bottom line? Anybody can do it and you don’t need to invest anything other than making a website and your time.

You can learn everything as you go, so there’s no need to give up if you are new to making money online.

Buying a hosting account and a domain name

I did a lot of research when I wanted to buy a hosting for this website. I wanted to spend as little as possible and to get good performance.

I came to the conclusion that a2hosting offers best for entry level hosting. Website speed is one of the most important aspects of your site and a2hosting is exceptional in this field.

The thing is, they are relatively new hosting and they don’t have millions of clients. This means that their servers are not oversaturated and your site will perform well.

Let’s go step by step on how to buy a hosting account and domain name.

Step 1 – go to a2hosting website

a2hosting homepage

When site loads, click on “shared hosting” (as marked on the image above).

There are other, more expensive, types of hosting, but for a new website this is sufficient enough.

Step 2 – Choose a package

a2hosting shared hosting packages

Choose the cheapest package for now. You can always upgrade your account later.

Step 3 – Enter your desired domain name

Before choosing a domain name, make sure to check this article to get some ideas

TIP: You should buy a .com domain in most instances. Only buy country domains if you don’t do business outside of your country.

input field for domain check

Enter the domain name (without www and .com) that you want and click on the “check” button.

confirmation that domain is available

If your domain is available, the text in the red rectangle will appear and you can continue. If not, try another.

Step 4 – domain configuration

domain configuration panel

There are couple steps that you should do before continuing.

  1. By default 36 months will be selected. I suggest that you buy a domain and a hosting for a year, and later you will extend it. Price will drop to around 50$
  2. Choose server that is closest to you. Your traffic will probably come from all over the world, so server location won’t make big of a difference.
  3. Where it says wordpress – a2 optimized, you will select regular wordpress, without a2.
  4. Save this password somewhere and keep it safe.

Other options are not that important for you at this moment.

Click continue.

additional options

At this page you should select only ID protection. It costs 10$, but it will protect your personal information from those who search on whois.

Other two options are not necessary.

Click continue.

Step 5 – completing the purchase

pre-checkout page

This is a review of all the items that you bought. It is 77$, but if you chose without ID protection it would be 67$.

Click on checkout.

checkout page

Fill all the data that is required on this page. You must input your real name, address, etc. There’s no point in entering some made up information.

Payments with credit card or PayPal will be processed immediately, but other methods will take some time to process, so you won’t be able to log in until a2hosting has received the payment.

You will get an email with your login information and you can start making your website.

They say that it can take up to 24 hours, but I got mine literally the next minute.

Installing your theme

Now that you have your own website, you can customize it in many different ways. WordPress is already installed, so that’s one step less for us.

Click on that link that you got in mail

First thing you should do is go to that link that you received in an email message from a2hosting.

Enter login details

The address that you use to log in to your WordPress dashboard usually goes something like this:

wordpress login form

Enter your login details (those that I marked as IMPORTANT! on 5th image).

wordpress back end dashboard

You will be redirected to this page. Yours might be a little different, since this is your first login.

Where it says “your login page is now here” and a link after that, you want to bookmark this link. You will use this link to log in to your dashboard in the future, instead of /wp-admin.

Go to themes

Now what you are going to do is to install a theme. Theme is the appearance of your website, or simply, how it is going to look.

To find free themes place your cursor above “appearance” and click on “themes”.

wordpress theme install page

Find one that you like

You will see all the themes that are already installed. For now there are only default themes, but you want to install a new one, so you should click on one of the two places that say “add new”.

searching themes wordpress

This screen will show you featured themes (for me it is 15), but you can find a lot more by clicking on “popular” or “latest” tab. If you want to search themes by name, just enter the name into search bar (top right).

Install theme

There is one other way to install a theme and that is by uploading a theme zip file (top left), but I won’t show you how to do it here because I will use much simpler method.

install theme

To install a theme, you just hover your mouse cursor over its thumbnail and click “install”.

Activate theme

activate wordpress theme

When the theme has been installed, click on “activate”.

If you install the “Hueman” theme that is on this website, your site will look something like this:

default website look hueman theme

Congratulations, you have a website!

But it is far from over. You have a lot more work before your site is ready.

I would suggest that you install the same theme that I use – Hueman, because it is one of the best free themes and offers a lot of customization.

Even if you installed another theme already, you can easily install different one following the same process:

Find theme -> install -> activate

Here is a good tutorial that will help you get started with customizing the design and layout of your site.

When you finish reading this tutorial, go and read my guide to affiliate marketing to learn how to make money on your blog.

Did you find this tutorial helpful?

Have you created your website? Send me a link when it’s ready.

If there is anything unclear, or if I missed to explain any particular detail, please contact me and I will make sure to help you out.

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See you soon.

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