Build traffic source for website with comments “The compound” strategy

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Getting high quality traffic to your blog is not an easy task. For this reason, I’m going to show you how to leverage blog comments to build your own traffic source for website – “The compound” strategy.

There are many benefits of blog commenting and many bloggers have covered this topic before me.

Despite the large amount of blog posts, I think that this one may give you a different view about blog comments.

Even though everyone knows about benefits of blog commenting, very few people actually do that consistently. This could be your chance.

Traffic source for website small

Firstly, let me explain what compound means. Darren Hardy wrote this great book “The compound effect”, which proves that by making small improvements every day, we can create a life that we desire.

Similarly, if you take some time to leave comments on relevant blogs in your niche every day, the end result will be one big compound of your digital footprints.

What does it mean to build traffic source for a website?

build wall

In order to drive traffic from blog comments, those blogs must have an option to put website URL to your name. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t comment on blogs that don’t have that option, it’s still beneficial in some way, but comments without URL won’t send traffic to your website.

The point of building your portfolio of comments is to ensure steady referral traffic in the future. This is a long-term strategy, therefore you shouldn’t expect immediate results.

Let’s talk some numbers for example. 5 comments per day, for a full year. That’s roughly 1800 blog comments. By doing this, you left your digital footprint on 1800 places. That is a lot of traffic potential.

Admittedly, not every one of these comments will bring visitors to your website, but many of them will. As long as they are well written.

Great thing about these “big” websites is that their content usually ranks well on Google, meaning people will visit these articles and read your comments for many years.

It is like building passive income stream of visitors. All in all, you will write your comment and forget about it.

This is what I meant when I said to “build” traffic source for website. Even if you are in very competitive niche, you can count on referral traffic every month.

High quality traffic

Referral traffic is the best traffic in my opinion, if you exclude returning visitors.

Although you can bring thousands of visitors each month with social media, that traffic is poor quality and the bounce rate is very high.

Comments, on the other hand, bring high quality and targeted traffic.

If your comment is well crafted and valuable to those who read blog post, people who clicked through to your website already received some good information and they want to get to know you better.

It is up to you to make sure that they continue to receive value when they land on your home page, or any other page that you linked to.

Whether you sell something or you promote other products with affiliate marketing, conversion from this traffic will be above average.

But commenting on blogs is not only about traffic, there’s more to it.

Building brand awareness

This is the main reason why I’m commenting on other blogs.

How many times did you see someone that is familiar online, but you can’t remember where you saw him?

Psychology of first impression

Psychology plays great role in marketing, and leaving comments on other blogs can be considered as comment marketing.

We, humans, often forget where we met someone, but we usually remember what impression that person left on us. Feelings live in our subconscious mind and they are activated the moment we see someone familiar.

That is the reason why first impression is of great importance. If you leave good first impression on someone, the next time he sees your image he will associate positive feelings about you.

Second impression, third, etc.

Even if people don’t click through to your website the first time they see you, if you keep flying on their radar they will eventually notice your presence.

If you develop the habit of regularly commenting on all major blogs in your niche, you will be recognized as an expert in your area. Not only that you will keep getting traffic from those comments, but you will grow your own base of followers.

These people may start following you on social media, you can send them emails about your new posts or some new product, or they may click on your link whenever they see your comment on some other blog post.

You can make great friendships with other bloggers too. If they are familiar with you and they know you as a regular commenter, they will be highly likely to accept guest post when you pitch them.

Of course, you must write good post that aligns with their website’s standard and topics they write about.

Finding big websites in your niche that accept comments

If you don’t know yet which the top blogs in your niche are, you still have a lot to learn.

I can tell you from the top of my head biggest blogs about blogging, SEO and online marketing. This is because I’ve read majority of their posts when I was learning about these topics.

Search on Google

You can find top blogs by simply typing something you want to know, for example:

on page seo google results

These top positions on Google are usually reserved for biggest blogs.

Install MozBar and check DA

You can check site’s authority by installing MozBar in Google Chrome. It will show you domain authority and page authority.

on page seo with mozbar

You also have to sign up for free account with Moz. The higher the DA (domain authority), the better.

Check if they accept comments with link

When you find these blogs, check if they accept comments and if you can put a link to your website.

blog comment section

If there is a website box, in most cases your name will become a link when your comment gets approved.

Sometimes there is an option to input website, but you won’t get a link. Just check other comments and see if there is a link attached to their name.


Disqus is commenting platform that is present on many blogs.


You need to create free account to comment on blogs with Disqus, but you won’t get a link back to your website. Alternatively, you can add a link to your Disqus profile and people can see it if they click on your name, but majority of them won’t do that.

Nevertheless, I comment on some blogs with Disqus for the reason of building brand awareness.

So, you found a great blog post and you want to leave a comment. How to increase your chances of being noticed, thus inviting people to go to your website?

How to write great comments that get noticed?

Before we move on, I want to point out that writing short comments like “Great post”, “Lovely post” or other generic short line won’t bring you any traffic.

In order to make people wanting to click your link, you must write a thoughtful comment that shows your expertise. You must impress anyone reading that comment.

I will show you some tips and tricks, as well as some personal examples.

Read the damn post

It’s pointless leaving a comment without reading the entire post. You may feel the desire to leave a comment after reading couple of paragraphs or skimming through the headlines, but doing this can only make you look like an idiot.

If you don’t want to read entire articles, then don’t comment.

Add something that author didn’t mention

You won’t be able to this every time, but this is the best way to get noticed. If the author wrote “7 tips to be better at …” you should add number 8 and explain briefly why it belongs there.

Here’s one of my examples:

copyblogger title

This is the title of the post at Copyblogger and here’s my comment:

copyblogger comment

Do you see how I added value to the existing post by presenting something that author didn’t mention in her article. Furthermore, she took time to reply to my comment, giving me even bigger exposure.

Speak from personal experience

This is a great way to tell people about your experience and what you do. In that comment on Copyblogger I wrote my personal business story, letting people know that I have some knowledge and what I do.

Who knows, maybe someone will see that comment and ask me for some kind of cooperation. Even better than getting a simple click to your website.

Make a suggestion for improvement

Check out this post from Backlinko.

backlinko title

Brian announced that he released his new project, the “SEO Marketing Hub”. I noticed that there’s no link to his hub, other than in this announcement post.

backlinko comment

I pointed this out to him and got a friendly response. He took time to read my comment and provide meaningful reply.

I made contact with famous blogger and I got 3 visitors to my website from that comment the same day.

Comment first, if possible

Majority of blogs put older comments on top. This means that if you manage to find yourself on top of comment list, every person who visits comment section will see your name.

Even though it’s hard to be the first to comment, try to be as close to the top as possible.

If you want to be informed about new posts from your favorite blogs, install Feedly on your phone. It’s an RSS feed app that will show you all new posts from blogs that you choose.

Read other comments and answer questions

Before you post new comment, make sure to read previous comments to see if someone wrote answer similar to yours. This way, you can avoid posting duplicate comment and you can get some more ideas.

Another great way to get noticed is to answer to questions that someone asked in comments.

Besides the fact that author will be thankful that you are doing his job, you will present yourself as knowledgeable about that topic and there’s a very high chance that person who asked the question will visit your website.

Furthermore, blog comments are a great place to find new ideas for next blog post.

Comment on newer posts

Majority of visitors will read blog post in the first couple of weeks to a month after publishing. Because of this, you want to catch that first wave to get the most exposure.

Personally, I like to comment on every blog post that I read, but only if I have something smart to say. That brings me to my next tip.

Don’t comment if you don’t have anything useful to say

If you don’t know what to comment after reading the post, simply close that tab and move on.

In all honesty, it’s better not to comment than to leave some crappy response.

Comment on blogs that use Pinterest as one of primary traffic sources

If you are Pinterest user, than you probably know what posts are optimized for that network. Whereas if you aren’t, start using in right away.

To show you how post optimized for Pinterest looks, let’s take a peek at one of my favorite blogs about Pinterest, Twins Mommy.

twinsmommy image

This image was designed with a purpose to be shared (pinned) on Pinterest.

twinsmommy share

Likewise, number of shares is also another indicator that one of Elna’s primary traffic sources is Pinterest.

But why am I saying all of this? Unlike other social media platforms, where content has short-lived life span, images on Pinterest are shared years after creation.

In other words, visitors will keep coming to those posts for a long time, therefore your comment will be seen over and over again.

Treat comments as mini blog posts

If your comment contains more than 50 words, separate it into smaller paragraphs, like I’m doing in my blog posts.

By doing this, you are making it easier for people to read and there’s much higher chance that your comment will get some eyeballs.

Here are some examples of good and bad comments:

bad example comment
awful example comment
good example comment
great example comment

First image shows one bad example. Bunch of text is jammed into one big paragraph.

Comment on the second image is really awful. Nobody wants to read comments like this one.

Comment number three shows one good example of how comment should look like, with couple short paragraphs.

Fourth one really stands out from the crowd. It has a lot of text that is well formatted.

One great comment feature that draws attention are numbered lists. 99% of comments don’t have them, so that is a good way to stand out.

Use your real name and make Gravatar account

If you are interested in blog commenting, and I assume that you are, first thing you should do after reading this post is to make Gravatar account.

What Gravatar does is it tracks your comments and displays your image when you use the same email address as in Gravatar account. You can set multiple emails in Gravatar if you wish to.

Here’s another bad comment example:

full name and image

This person didn’t put its entire name and it lacks image. That link is not going to get clicked.

You must have both your first name and last name, as well as close up image. These are going to be your online credentials.

My advice is to use the same image on Gravatar, Disqus, your website and social media accounts.

Let’s see how Brian from Backlinko does it:


Brian dean youtube

This is his photo on YouTube.


brian dean comment

A little bit different one, but same close-up photo with same background.


brian dean instagram

And same on Instagram.

If you check other experienced marketers you will see that all of them follow the same principles.

Address author by his first name

This is simple, yet powerful trick. Everybody loves reading or hearing their name. Starting comments with “Hey, John” gives you the higher chance of receiving response from the author, thus better exposure.

Now let’s move on to the most important piece of the puzzle, the one where 99% fail.

Stay consistent

Maybe this sounds natural, but over time you will get bored with commenting on blogs, day after day. It’s natural to get saturated by doing repetitive tasks.

Same goes with your blogging success indeed. Producing great content day after day, month after month and so forth, creates fatigue over time.

I can’t help you to achieve that, other than to show you the right direction. It’s up to you whether you want to succeed with blog comments or not.

If you can’t manage to read 5 blog posts every day, read 3 today, read one tomorrow, read as much as your time allows you.

As long as you stay consistent with your efforts, the result will come and you will slowly build your own traffic source.


Regular blog commenting is a great way to create long-term traffic source for your website and to make some friends online. By doing this on regular basis, your “Digital footprint” will grow more and more.

More importantly, traffic coming from your comments will be targeted and of high quality. If you do things properly, you can generate some income from this traffic.

In order to get some traffic at all, make sure that you post comments on blogs that accept URLs attached to your name.

Read articles from start to finish and leave thoughtful and helpful comments.

Finally, stay consistent and don’t stray.

And don’t forget to make Disqus and Gravatar accounts.

All the best in your commenting career!

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